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Contacting a REALTOR that specializes in relocation at the beginning of any moving process is key.  The longer they have to plan, the less stressful it's going to be.

Throughout the whole process, a REALTOR acts as a sounding board for the mover.  After an initial on-boarding call, the REALTOR will determine what professionals are needed to make the relocation painless and problem-free.


Everyone who goes through relocation will have different needs depending on their family size, where they're moving, how much stuff they have, and what their budget is. However, most we can help you with the following services:

  • Selling your current home: We will have a referral for a real estate agent to sell your home (If outside of Northern Virginia), even if you've already left the area.

  • Finding a moving company: Relocation companies refer a lot of clients to movers, so they can often get you a better deal than you'd find on your own.

  • Packing your things: Have any items that require special care in moving? Need someone to pack and ship your things to you? We can find you the right help.

  • Visas and immigration compliance: If your move is international, a relocation specialist can help you make sure you're legal for entry and to work in your new home country.

  • Finding a new home: We can assist you all through Northern Virginia.  Outside of NOVA, whether you're buying or renting, we will put you in contact with a vetted real estate agent who is an expert in your area. To get our referrals, agents need to be licensed for at least five years and have done relocation training and certification.

  • Navigating closing on a house: Even if you've bought a home before, the closing process can be radically different in different parts of the country. Some states use a lawyer to close while others don't. Earnest money amounts can vary from a few hundred dollars to 10% of the purchase price. We are there to field questions about the process.

  • Finding the right school or child care provider: Generally, finding the right school district goes hand-in-hand with finding you a new home, but if you have a child with specific or special needs, we'll find a local partner that can help place children in schools.

  • Shipping pets, especially internationally: Getting pets across borders can be complicated. Your specialist can find someone who will make sure Fido and Grumpy are well taken care of on their journey.

  • Shipping automobiles: They can help coordinate the process whether it's cross-country or across the world

  • Tours and orientation: Along with your real estate agent, we can arrange for you to take a tour of your new home or give you the lowdown on all the fun stuff to do in the area.

  • Finding local service providers: Whenever you move, you have to find new doctors, dentists, tax professionals, legal professionals, babysitters, and just about everything else. A relocation specialist will have vetted referrals for all these people and be able to connect you.



From a full-service, departure-to-destination relocation to simple
packing and moving, we’ll customize a package of services around your
individual needs and budget.

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No need to search the web and scour online reviews. We’ll call on our vetted network of quality service providers to help with every aspect of your move.

In the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, we also leverage the local insight of the Long & Foster family of companies, including...


Pick and choose from our comprehensive service offering including help…

  • Selling your current home.

  • Buying a new home.

  • Coordinating the shipment of your household goods.

  • Settling into your new community.

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We understand the many nuances associated with moving around the globe, your dedicated Long & Foster Move Coordinator will connect you with experts in thousands of destinations abroad.

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